As promised, here is your week 4 email giving you information about the themes/categories that emerged from our Who Do You Say We Are sessions.  Again, these themes were fairly easy to identify as they were repeated by all of you again and again in the sessions. 

This week’s theme (and these are in no certain order) is worship. 

In one session Forest Park was described as “an easy place to come worship.”  It was also described as “practicing the Disciples of Christ way” which allows for differing opinions and beliefs within our congregation.  You said that Forest Park gets excited about worship and in fact when asked what our best special events are you listed many worship services/events such as Easter services, Advent services, Christmas Eve services and the Pet Blessing.  When asked what you would miss if Forest Park stopped doing it, some of the top answers were worship related such as choir/music, minister/sermons, Wednesday night, communion and Children’s Moment. 

The important parts of worship that were mentioned over and over in the sessions were the sermon, Choir and music and the Children’s Moment.  In fact, many of you said that Forest Park gets excited about music and that the first thing you think of when you think of Forest Park is music.  If you could add something to worship, several sessions suggested more music during worship.  When asked what you would tell people about Forest Park, many people said the sermons and the pastor.  You also said that our sermons and Wednesday night worship service are things that we do better than other churches.