The Chi Rho and CYF youth at Forest Park underwent an experience this past Friday evening to help them better understand homelessness.  The youth were all allowed to bring just one bag of items for the overnight adventure-a bag which they had to keep track of the entire night or it might be “stolen.”  To kick off the event, the youth heard a presentation about homelessness in the Tulsa area from a former Forest Park pastor who has recently had experience working with agencies dealing with homeless people, watched a video about tent cities and engaged in a debate between the “city council” and “team tent agency.”  After the activities, the kids were all allowed a box in which to sleep.  During the night they were awoken to find that they were on “private property” and needed to relocate to a safe spot (the sanctuary).  The kids and the youth sponsors learned a lot during the adventure about how hard it truly is to be homeless and the kids walked away with a greater appreciation for the comforts that they have in their lives.