Grow Pray Study (GPS) Week 4

Teaching – Preaching – Healing

Now that Jesus has followers, he travels from place to place teaching, preaching, and healing. Jesus was different in his interpretations of God, community, and inclusion. There are many who talk the talk, but Jesus backed up his message of love by healing as well.

During this fourth week of Lent, we will be looking at scriptures that deal with God’s message of truth for ALL of God’s people. Use this devotional time to consider all the ways that we receive God’s love and how we partner with God to bring about healing and wholeness.

Monday – John 12:44-50

Jesus is from God! John makes it very clear in this passage that Jesus represents God. This movement that Jesus started is still around after 2000 years. The words of Jesus ring true today as much as they did back then. It is a message of love and forgiveness. What are some words of Jesus that ring true for you? What was it about this man that showed people what God wanted?

Tuesday – Jeremiah 29:11-14

God has plans for us all. These plans are not for harm, but they are plans to bring you to wholeness and fullness. These plans do not end with you. They are plans for all of God’s creation to experience restoration. People who have been left out of society have found great comfort in this scripture. What are we doing to reach out to God’s children and show them the love that God has in store for them?

Wednesday – Matthew 8:1-4

This may seem like an innocent story of Jesus’ healing, but touching a man with leprosy went against customs and laws. Lepers were unclean and should have been observing the purity codes. Jesus literally reached out, touched him, and healed him. What are some ways that Jesus has reached out to you? Notice that the man approached Jesus (again something that he should not have done). What are some ways that we might go against the culture to reach out in the name of Jesus?

Thursday – Psalm 30

When Jesus would heal someone, there was great joy on the part of the person healed. When we call out to God, God is there to hear each and every one of our prayers. There are times when we are challenged by the teachings of Jesus. There are times when we are convicted by the preaching of Jesus. But when we are healed by Jesus, it is time to celebrate! Healing can take many different forms, and glory to God is a wonderful way to respond. Sing praises to our God for God is good!

Friday – Luke 4:16-20

Sometimes we can lose sight of Jesus’ purpose. We get caught up in what Jesus has done for us. We need a reminder that Jesus came to bring good news to the poor and to let the oppressed go free. How can we do any less as his followers? This passage has Jesus identifying his mission with a prophet of the past who stood for justice and mercy for those who had no voice. What are the ways that we can carry on this mission?

Saturday – Sabbath Rest

In today’s culture, it is so easy to personalize Jesus for our own salvation. Jesus clearly speaks to you and your salvation, and you should celebrate that. However make no mistake, Jesus healed the people that no one else would. Jesus preached about loving neighbors AND enemies. And Jesus taught others to do the same! As we move closer to Jerusalem, it is important to remember that this is the Messiah we serve…

Suggested Daily Prayer

Holy One, who hears our every prayer, show us who we are to be. Open our hearts to Jesus’ transforming message of love and inclusion. Give us the ears to hear once again the radical teachings of justice and mercy. Be patient with us as we attempt to live out these teachings. In the name of the Prince of Peace we pray, Amen.