How many times have you said “my gifts don’t have a purpose” or “they aren’t really gifts that translate to serving” or “I don’t have any gifts?”  Maybe you’ve said things like “I can type, but that isn’t a gift and doesn’t really help anyone” or   “I don’t like to speak in front of a group, so that eliminates serving in many areas.”  Maybe you’ve thought “I enjoy reading, but there isn’t really a use for that in ministry” or “I prefer to work alone not with a group of people, so there aren’t volunteer jobs that allow for that.”  Don’t short change yourself and your gifts!  These thoughts are just roadblocks to serving.

There are a couple of things you need to remember

  1. All gifts are important and can be utilized for the work of the Kingdom or we wouldn’t have those gifts at all.
  2. While some gifts or skill sets may not have an obvious link to “ministering”, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used that way.

Just think- if you can type, then you could maintain the membership directory database.  If you like serving alone rather than in a group, then you could coordinate stocking the kitchen supplies.  If you like to read, maybe you could serve as a literacy volunteer.  If you don’t want to speak in front of others, you can fill children’s worship activity packs.  These are all important ministries that need to be done and you have the gifts to do them.

The bottom line -stop putting up roadblocks!  Your gifts are important and useful, your skills and experiences are important and useful, your personality is important and useful, YOU are important and useful!  God has a place for everyone in the work of His Kingdom and has gifted you with what you need to carry out that work-now take down those roadblocks and let’s get started!

“Failing to focus on our strengths may prevent us from accomplishing the unique tasks God has called us to do.” ~Max Lucado