I’m sure that many of you recently saw the Facebook video about a man who was devastated by the destruction of his  homeland, which had transformed from a lush forest to a barren landscape due to deforestation.  Every day for 37 years, this man has  planted a tree in the area.  He has now, single-handedly, planted a forest larger than Central Park. His forest has transformed what was once a barren wasteland into a lush oasis, and has brought the return of wildlife that had formerly been robbed of it’s habitat.  He has changed the landscape, impacted lives and made a difference in his world-just by sowing the seeds.

What if each and every one of us “sowed seeds” to change the landscape of our world?  There are over 115 positions at church that we need volunteers to fill and there is a big world beyond our walls in which we can all make a difference whether it is through church sponsored ministries or through other ways that we might be able to plug into our community through volunteerism.

Now is the time for you to sow your seeds-the talents, abilities, gifts, experiences, etc. that you possess.  Now is the time to figure out how you can put them to use for the Kingdom of God and the betterment of our world.  Last week we distributed the Shared Ministries Interest Survey, asking you how you will “sow the seeds” in the coming year.  Please take the time to give some consideration to this, fill out the survey (Shared Ministries Interest Survey)  and return it, so that you can begin planting the seed and making a difference.

Remember-you can’t grow a forest if you never plant a seed.