Welcome to 2018!  As the new year gets underway, people have begun making and working on their resolutions.  Have you, like many others, adopted some resolutions for this year?  Do they involve the ever popular “get in shape/lose weight” or “quit a vice” or “spend more time with friends and family.”

There are so many great resolutions that we can all make and hopefully stick with, but I would like to challenge everyone to include one resolution relating to shared ministry.  Maybe you would like to serve, but don’t know where to start-I challenge you to contact me so that we can talk about how you can serve.  Maybe you haven’t been serving much and you would like to get more involved-I challenge you to pick an area that you would like to serve in and commit to giving more of your time and gifts.  Maybe you have an idea for something  new at church that you would like to see started-I challenge you to talk to us about it and start working on making it a reality.  Maybe there is a volunteer opportunity in the community that you have been considering-I challenge you to take that first step and  make contact with the organization.  Whatever it is, resolve to take that step in 2018 to make sharing your ministry an important part of your year.  And once you’ve made your resolution, let’s work together to stick with it and make it happen.

I’m wishing you all a great 2018 and I look forward to serving together!

~Terisa, Coordinator of Shared Ministries

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