Forest Park Christian Church in Tulsa took the first steps in working to continue to improve our community and world today by asking congregants to sign up to participate in discussions with the purpose of taking action in the face of events such as the Florida school shooting last week.

During his sermon, Pastor Bill Hemm wrestled with the emotions and discourse after last week’s tragic events to come to the conclusion that it is our responsibility, as Christians, to follow Jesus’s example, of not just showing love, but taking action and not letting fear stop us from being the change in our world.  In an effort to move for action, Pastor Bill is asking that anyone that is interested in opening a dialogue and seeing what action it might lead us to, sign up to participate in upcoming discussion meetings.  He stresses that we want to include people from all spectrums of this issue and all walks of life so that we can truly understand one another and come together for action.

These meetings are not just for Forest Park members, but anyone in our community that is interested in working to find solutions to these societal issues (youth and adults).  If you are interested in taking part in these discussions and a move for action, contact Pastor Bill at

To hear the sermon click here: Pastor Bill Hemm – February 18th, 2018


Forest Park Congregants pledging to make a difference: