This is a special service that most of us look forward to each year.  If you have never joined us at this service it is a special time for all of us (members, visitors, those in the community) to come and sing Christmas hymns and to experience a final message of hope and anticipation as the day to celebrate Jesus’s birth arrives.  This year, Pastor Bill will be walking us through a live nativity and, as usual, we will bring our service to a close with communion and our candlelight hymn.  As each person takes communion, they also take a candle as we form a circle around the inside of the sanctuary.  The lights are turned out and the Christ light is passed as we each illuminate the candle of those next to us.  It is truly a sight to behold with all of those lit candles and the glow on everyone’s face as we begin to sing Silent Night.  As the verse draws to a close and the lights are extinguished there is a genuine feeling of peace as everyone ventures out to experience the miracle and the message of hope that Christmas brings.  We hope that everyone will join us this Christmas Eve.