Several times in the past few weeks, I have been asked to describe our Wednesday Night Programming.  I usually send out an email with the scripture we will be studying, a reference to a meal, and then mention The Gathering.  It has come to my attention that there are many who simply do not know what goes on during our Wednesday night adventures at church and therefore have no idea what I’m referencing.  So I would like to spend my September article talking about our Wednesday Night activities.

First: The Meal at 5:30.  This meal is usually prepared by a church member.  The cost is $3 per person.  This money goes to reimburse the individual(s) preparing the meal.  This is a great opportunity to taste some delicious meals prepared by our wonderful members at FPCC.  Also, if you would like the opportunity to cook for this event, we would love to have you!  You will not be out any money.  If the $3 per person is not enough, then there is money in the budget for additional reimbursement.  The Meal is a wonderful time to fellowship and break bread with each other.

Second: The Service at 6:15.  Franklin, Marci, and Marion kick things off with a couple fantastic songs.  I continue to be impressed by the theologically responsible song selection of our contemporary group.  The songs are powerful, relevant, and inspiring.  After the opening songs, we share joys and concerns followed by a prayer.  We then read a scripture selection usually sent out 1-2 days before via email.  The format is a question and answer venue.  People raise their hands, ask questions, and share thoughts about the passage.  This is followed by communion and a couple more songs.

Third:  The Gathering at 7:10.  The Gathering is held down in Hutton Hall.  It is a small group discussion that continues the dialogue about the scripture.  During The Gathering we can go deeper and explore the issues in a safe and fun venue.  This is, of course, at the same time as the choir practice.

If you want a spiritually engaging, fun filled break during the week, then I would highly recommend our Wednesday night activities.

Pastor Bill


*Update-As of 2017, Wednesday night programming consists of a Bible Study at 6:15pm that is open to all as well as a Youth Bible Study at 6:15pm that is open to youth in grades 3rd-12th.