As you all are aware, we went through an extensive discernment process last year called Who Do You Say We Are?  Through this spirit-led initiative, we came up with five value statements that represent who Forest Park Christian Church is.  They were carefully constructed to reflect the pulse of the church.  One of the major complaints of going through a process such as this is the utilization of this information.  So often this information is written down, placed in a folder somewhere, and never looked at again.  We are determined to not let this happen.

One of the ways we can utilize this information is to look beyond the walls of Forest Park.  How can knowing who we are make a difference in the larger community of faith?  Each month I will be writing an article covering one of the value statements.  Our goal is to challenge our family of faith to look for opportunities to further God’s Kingdom.

“We value children and youth by helping them to learn the Christian faith as they develop and examine their own faith in a safe community.”  When we voted last year, this value statement was ranked as number one!  Youth and young people are valued at Forest Park.  From Youth activities to Sunday School to Children’s Moments to intergenerational activities, this church values and loves children.  Through our loving and welcoming environment, kids are encouraged to develop deep and meaningful relationship with adults, with other children, and with God.

What are some ways that Forest Park could reach those kids beyond our walls?  How can we make a difference in the Kingdom of God knowing that this is our number one value statement?  We are looking for ideas and for feedback.  If you have ideas, please share them with me or with your elder.  If you do not have ideas, then I challenge you to prayerfully find some ways that we can make a meaningful impact in the name of God who calls us all children.  We look forward to hearing what you come up with.

Pastor Bill