This weekend CYF and CHI/RHO went on our Destination Unknown retreat.  We had eight youth and four adults in attendance. The purpose of the weekend was unknown and the kids had no idea where or when things would take place.

On the first morning we got up early and went to Rocky Point for a Bible lesson and we had breakfast at the beach just as Jesus fed his disciples on the shore.  The kids enjoyed skipping stones in the cool morning breeze!  Next we headed to the marina to get on boats and make our way to the middle of the lake to experience a lesson about Jesus walking on the water and Peter’s faith or lack of when joining him.  The kids played in a creek where they had to work as a team to cross a bridge using 3 carpet squares. The discussion at this destination revolved around Jesus being our bridge to God.  Next we headed to Hulbert where we had lunch and journeyed to the high school track to discuss running the race for eternal life. The kids were supposed to walk around the track mimicking the walk through their spiritual journey and to stand or sit in a spot where they felt they were at in their walk with God.  We then went to the public square in downtown Tahlequah where the kids had to walk around trying to give out free money and our discussion centered on how people respond to God’s free gift of salvation.  The people that we met and the reactions we received had a profound impact on the kids.  That night around the campfire we discussed how being a part of a group keeps our fire burning hotter than trying to do things individually. We talked about what we liked about our church and how we see God working in our church. We closed by singing camp fire songs.  The next morning we had a worship service before leaving camp.  For the sermon, we talked about foundations in faith. Then we went around the room and the kids shared their take away from the weekend. While all were impacted by the free gift they gave away the day before, the main thing they all felt was a closer connection within the group. They were already a close group but this trip helped them to realize they are more than just friends; they are family.  Overall, the kids and adults had an amazing weekend and what we all took away from this trip will be with us forever!


From one of our youth on the trip- “After this wonderful weekend, we all walked into church today and joined everyone for worship. During stewardship I gave $12 to the church because we gave $12 to a lady in need yesterday during our Unknown Destinations. What an amazing weekend I had. And special thanks to Toni!! You created an amazing and fun-filled weekend and I’m blessed to have you as our Youth Leader!!!”