Happy Easter!  Though the weather outside was dreary and cold, we had a wonderful and bright Easter service with around 200 in attendance.  From beautiful music, a wonderful children’s message and an inspiring sermon, the service was a moving celebration of the meaning of Easter and the celebration of resurrection.

This morning’s service was the cap to a week of special services and reflection.  On Palm Sunday, we experienced the passion story in a narrative and musical format.  On Thursday, we held our Maundy Thursday service in which we left our burdens at the cross and beginning immediately after that service we began our 24 hour prayer vigil in which participants came to the sanctuary to pray, meditate or spend a few quiet moments in reflection with God.  Our youth provided prayer stations throughout the sanctuary to prompt and guide the reflection time for those who were interested.

After all of our Holy Week events, this Easter morning was a special morning of celebration to share with familiar faces and with the many visitors that we had.  We’re so glad that everyone joined us this morning!