Life Groups are a chance to fellowship and connect with others from church in a relaxed, smaller group setting.  They typically meet for a meal and fellowship in someone’s home, at the church or at a restaurant.  Some Life Groups include a Bible Study or discussion, others do not.  Life Groups sometimes plan special outings or events as well.

If you haven’t yet tried a Life Group, now might be the perfect time to try it out because we have 3 new Life Groups starting in the next few months:

Singles Life Group (Life Group IV) -open to all ages and anyone that would classify themselves as single.  First meeting is August 5th at 5pm at Maggie Nichols’s home.  For questions contact Maggie Nichols at 918-521-0692.

Family Life Group (Life Group V) -this life group will include children in the group’s activities.  Watch for more information on the first meeting date.  For questions, contact Lindsey White at 918-629-6080.

Life Group I-this will be a traditional style Life Group and is open to anyone that is interested in participating.  Watch for more information on the first meeting date which will be in September.  For questions, contact Joyce and Pete Newby at 918-284-4629.

In addition to these new Life Groups, we also have 2 existing, traditional groups:

Life Group II-this group is open to anyone that would like to participate.  The group meets on the third Saturday of the month. For questions or specific meeting details, contact Nona Hutton at 918-640-1419.

Life Group III-this group is geared toward 25-45 year olds but anyone is welcome to participate.  The group meets on the second Saturday of the month.  For questions or specific meeting details, contact Terisa Cunha at 918-814-2670.

We also have a daytime Life Group-39ers-which is geared toward those 39 years of age and up although anyone is welcome to attend.  They meet on the first Monday of each month at 11:30am for lunch and fellowship at a local restaurant.  For specific meeting information, contact Anita Watson at 918-289-6339.

As always, if anyone feels called to start another Life Group and assist in coordinating its meetings and activities, please contact Terisa Cunha.